Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So why did I start a blog?

I came across blogging several years ago, when many of my friends started pouring their thoughts on Xanga. Besides providing a valuable opportunity for stalking (same goes for Facebook), I never understood the point of it: exposing your pet hates and anxieties to your friends, presumably so that they could 'understand' you better, without realising that it can equally damage any friendship or place yourself for ridicule. Diary keeping is worthwhile because of its personal introspective qualities, but blogging everything indiscriminately feels like an exhibitionist-voyeur fantasy-fulfillment exercise.

And like with most technological inventions, I was gradually persuaded about the brilliance of blogging. My interests in cinema and indie music all began thanks to the lively blogging community. These blogs aren't like the ones I despised earlier, but instead they look professional, are updated regularly, and most of all publish great content and links. There's always the problem of infantile comments (hence the reference in the title), but the sensible ones that lead to thoughtful discussions always makes visiting the blogs worthwhile.

So, to sum up my intentions and what I plan to blog:

  • I'm blogging because I want to restart my writing habit that I had while working in the college newspaper. I have a really bad case of writer's block/procrastination when it comes to writing about something I'm remotely interested in, and I hope blogging regularly can 'cure' this.
  • I'll be blogging mostly about cinema. Don't expect me to review every release- a lot shown in Hong Kong is simply not worth the time- but it's the subject I'm most comfortable talking about.
  • I'll also be blogging about Hong Kong life (e.g. current affairs, good restaurants, what's on TV). There's a lot of preposterous/荒謬 aspects that are worth fuming about, as well as moments of wonder hiding in this hectic city that deserve recognition.
  • Please leave comments if you like my posts or want to continue the discussion- that way I'll know that people are interested in what I say. I don't mind if you post in English or Chinese- 我識睇中文字. 寫就嘛嘛哋. 總會有一日我會寫一編好中文字... Someday I'll make this blog bilingual, but in the meantime I'll use both English and Chinese for names and certain phrases.
Let's see how this goes. Enjoy!