Thursday, March 26, 2009

Film review 影評: Torso 性軀幹

Director: Yamazaki Yutaka 山崎裕
Watanabe Makiko 渡辺真起子 Ando Sakura 安藤 サクラ
Length: 104 mins

Don't be misled by the programme guide that Torso is another quirky indie like Lars and The Real Girl (never released in Hong Kong but somehow in Taiwan and Singapore). Instead, realising that Yamazaki Yutaka is a regular collaborater with
Kore-ada Hirozaku, and you may expect a quiet, observational and contemplative drama. (You won't, for example, expect Christopher Doyle 杜可風 to direct a Michael Bay-blow-shit-up, unless if he's really drunk.)

However, Yamazaki's directorial debut is a disappointing effort that leaves many loose ends undeveloped and unexplored.


  1. Had been thinking of getting a ticket for one of the HKIFF screenings of this movie. After reading yours and others' reviews of it, am glad I didn't!

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